Rachael + Paul :: Hiawasee, GA Wedding Photographer ::

  1. Casey Gravlee says:

    I AM DYING! These pictures captured the night so well. I love you both and am truly blessed to have been part of your perfect day. Ahhh!!!

  2. Barbara Kimbro says:

    OHMY Goodness alive, my precious little 12 year old Rachael is grown, beautiful, smart and MARRIED. Each of these pictures capture the radiance that I saw in you as a young teenager. I’m sure you have waited for this day and the man of your dreams. I think you have captured it all. God be with you in your married life, you are very special to me. Lots of love, Barbara Kimbro (Your 7th grade Social Studies teacher).

  3. Dannielle says:

    Molly & Christina,
    These pictures are amazing! This couple must be thrilled! The bride is just gorgeous and the wedding is so beautiful! So many smiles and fun moments captured. I have no idea how they would pick their favorites, lol!
    Congrats to the bride and groom!

  4. Wow! These shots are great! They show how amazing this couple and wedding were. So honored to have been a part!

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