Nikki + Steven :: Albany, GA Portrait Photographer ::

  1. Nikki Green says:

    I’m crying Molly!! Thank you so much for the concluding statement above at the bottom! Mandi loved getting to go to the beach every year even though she was boring and read her book the whole time…well except that one night we talked her into going back to Applebees and she gave that guy her number! hahaha such good times! I had such a good time with the photo session…and every year at the beach too! I think I know exactly what braces picture you are talking about and I must say…I’m glad you can’t locate it! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos and you again!!! Love you Moll! Thank you for being such a good friend!

  2. Nikki Green says:

    Ok so I was so excited to see the photos I completely missed your lead in story at the top, the first time around! Now I am laughing!! Poor ole Mrs. Harrell let us get away with so much! You are definitely one of my fav peeps of all time as well and strangely I always feel I can be completely be me as well! We are so perfect for one another! 😉 My fav pic above is the one when you shot from above with our eyes closed! I also really love the Oak tree idea you had…although the orange dress makes me look pregnant in a few lol! I love them all! I am more than pleased!!!!!

  3. I love this story Molly! Nikki, you are beautiful! Nice catch 🙂 Molly, Daniel and I love your photography. I talk to him about all of your posts. We wish you were there to do our shoot on the 20th 🙁

  4. misty carr says:

    great pics! they all look good! you did a great job molly…. & nik & steven too : )

  5. Laura Copeland says:

    Molly, You do such an awesome job!!!! These are GREAT! Congrats again Nikki and Dougle!