Mycah + Todd :: Thomasville, GA Portrait Photographers ::

  1. Debbie Peters says:

    My daughter and I were downtown that day and saw Cristina taking some of these pics and cold is an understatement. The wind was gusting that day and cutting right through to your bones but this bride-to-be looked like she was enjoying a beautiful sunny day at the beach…..must have been the warmth of the love between them keeping them warm, right??!! Great job as always Cristina!

  2. Debbie Peters says:

    Oh and I forgot….CONGRATULATIONS Molly on your beautiful new baby!

  3. Shelly L. says:

    Oh Mycah! You are stunning my dear! Love the ones with the wind blowing in your pretty hair. Amazing job Cristina. These are just breathtaking and capture their sweet relationship and personalities perfectly.

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