Laura + Jason :: Albany, GA Wedding Photography ::

  1. Amy Lynn says:

    1) That dress is AH-MAZING. That may be my favorite wedding dress I have ever seen on a bride!
    2) The bride is gorgeous. And I just LOVE her head piece. I soooo wish I would have done that instead of a veil!
    3) Those flower girls are way too cute! And your favorite picture ever pretty much made my day. Their smiles are just so sweet!

    Great pictures, as usual!

  2. Stacey Parker says:

    They are absolutely beautiful, just like I knew they would be!!! Molly and Christina, yall did a wonderful job! I know Laura can't stop looking at them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have looked the pictures over so many times I have them memorized. I'm thinking about getting married all over again so yall can do my pictures. I absolutely love them. They are wonderful. melissa

  4. tammi says:

    Gorgeous couple and the bride has AMAZING hair! And a fantabulous dress.
    Nice work girls!

  5. Anonymous says:

    laura so happy for you guys and these pictures are amazing!!! I especially love the ones with those nieces of yours. Too cute! 🙂 courtney

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