Joel + Karen :: Norcross, GA Wedding Photographer ::

  1. Groom Hardee says:

    AWESOME pics sis! Good thing you didn’t get any of me vomiting! Just kidding. I didn’t vomit. (much). (at all). Beautiful pics of such an attractive person! And the bride is pretty too!

    Seriously though, you and C did a WONDERFUL job and we are so lucky to have had you guys do the wedding. Thanks so much!

  2. Bob & Sue Emery says:

    Great pictures -wonderful wedding.

  3. Jane Ratchford says:

    Incredible pictures. I have had goosebumps for the last five minutes. You captured the moment.

  4. Melissa Cowart says:

    AWESOME pics!!!! They seem like a super awesome couple!

  5. Eileen Emery says:

    BRAVO to Molly & Cristina!!! When I looked at ALL the pictures, I wondered how one would choose. You’ve done it with this collage. Got me crying again! Please send me your e-mail. We need to talk.

  6. chris bornstein says:

    absolutely the best wedding pictures I have seen. kudos to the photographers for capturing the genuine happiness and love.