Jenn + Ryan, Part 2 :: Acworth, GA Wedding Photographer ::

  1. teri hales says:

    Holy talent, Ryan…Garlands are TIME CONSUMING! I love the little plants to give away…what an awesome gift! And Christina and Molly…love the set up in the woods…rustic, charming, romantic…I love 'em!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pics of a gorgeous bride and perfect wedding. I will stop shedding sentimental tears over this event one day soon maybe!!! Hugs and kisses to my beautiful granddaughter and handsome grandson. I hope that your life together is always as beautiful as your wedding day. Love, Nonny

  3. kate says:

    these pictures are beautiful…but what's new, all yalls pics are amazing!!! one i just cant get over is the dock pic with the couple standing with the tree line in the background! so so so so pretty!!! =) great job girls!

  4. Brianna Phelan says:

    1. Location = awesome.
    2. Dress – beautiful.
    3. The shot of great grandpa blowing the bubbles made me smile.
    4. Best ring shots ever.

  5. PeyPey says:

    Ok, my faves:
    1. The one of the rings hanging off the branch with the flowers in the background…this could soooo totally be a Tacori ad. Beautiful.
    2. The hazy one of them standing on the dock…so so so just, magical.
    3. The grandad blowing bubbles. Hilarious.
    This wedding is exactly how I want my wedding to look! Beautiful!