Brooke + Matthew ::Albany, GA Wedding Photographer::

  1. Candice {The Beautiful Mess} says:

    you guys rocked this shoot…! what a great bride…she's so cute…and I LOVE her dress!

  2. amber - smitten says:

    shut it up and WORK IT OUT!!!!! you guys absolutely ROCKED this wedding! and thank god i didn't look fat in that photo haha! 🙂

  3. smittengreta says:

    omg, NICE ladies!!!!!! beautiful!

  4. Tammi Nowack Photography says:

    Beautiful work, beautiful wedding! I love that you took them to those 2 creepy buildings downtown! LOL I went to the white house one once but there was a needle on the front stoop and (human) poo in the yard so I got skeered and ran away and never went back.

    All Poo aside, you worked those clouds AND those buildings! Nice job and congrats to the couple! I'm sure they'll be thrilled.

    Oh..and the bird thing? ME TOO.

  5. Beth Morgan says:

    Once again ladies…AMAZING!!!

    Can we please play soon!