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Cristina loves adventure, travel, and growing her own food. She has a husband, and many fur children. The apple of her eye is Timber, her rescue dog.  She is a pescatarian ( who secretly misses bacon whether she admits it or not ) . She is half Puerto Rican and half Scottish, and she will bend over backwards for her family and friends. She is the sweet side of Red Fly. She will make your packages pretty, help you with wedding dilemmas, and offer you lettuce and cucumbers from her garden if you ever say hello to her. She currently lives in Thomasville, GA..

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Molly loves the beach, cookies, and exploring with her family. She has a husband, two kids (Finley and Liam), an old red golden retriever, and two crazy cats. She loves oreos and tacos. She loves summer and the feeling of sand between her toes. She spends her free time scratching sand gnat bites. She used to be really witty, but then she had children and now she doesn't know what day of the week it is. Kidding. It's Friday. She is the sassy side of Red Fly and takes care of the business end of stuff, but she's a great therapist and a good listener. She currently lives near Savannah, GA.

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We met in college in a medium and large format film class. We also had a color film class together that semester, and we discovered that we were the only two with “229” area codes. Cristina was REALLY shy back then, and I was overly opinionated. I always loved Cristina’s photos because they always told a story, they had nice romantic light, and you could tell she actually tried. I was already shooting weddings, but I needed someone to shoot my own.
I asked Cristina to shoot my wedding and I took her on several weddings to show her the ropes. It turned out that Cristina ended up teaching me so much, and we ended up being really great partners. Cristina shot my wedding, and I shot her wedding. Soon, we were having a lot of bookings but no business entity so we registered the name Red Fly Studio late one night. We threw out different nouns and adjectives that might make a cool logo. There’s no fun story behind the name. We didn’t want our names because we were about to be married. We didn’t want “captured" or "memories" or "moments” or anything cheesy in the name…So we went with random. And that’s how Red Fly was born!

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