Kristy + Matt :: Albany, GA Wedding Photographer ::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

Last month, we photographed Kristy and Matt’s super sweet wedding.  They were married at Avalon United Methodist Church in Albany and had their reception at Cheehaw.  We really liked how these two celebrated with their family all day. We already knew Matt was a one-of-a-kind guy, because it’s rare that a groom is the one to book us much less keep up with us!  Kristy was so calm even with the looming threats of storms (that luckily only lasted a little while) .  We had never met them before the day of the wedding, but it was nice to see how much the relaxed and got lovey when it was just the two of them. 🙂

We loved watching Matt and Kristy’s entourage all day! There were lots of nieces who were giggly and excited.










 Puppy Love!!! Matt and Kristy love their pups, and I love that they are animal lovers.








 Then, the entourage brought Matt his gift from Kristy (a pocket watch that if I remember correctly said “Timing is everything”). Matt must be the coolest uncle ever, because these girls sure loved him!

 Kristy and Matt’s presents to their parents were sweet too.  Hankies that said things like “Today a Bride, Tomorrow a Wife, Always your Baby” and “Thank you for raising your son to be the man of my dreams.”

 By the time the ceremony rolled around, not everyone was excited about walking down the aisle. 😉

 Matt trying hard to hold it together as his bride walked down the aisle.











 And then, we stole them for just  a few minutes of “us” time. By us , I mean us four. haha! The light was SO yummy.











 Then it was party time!  People came in from all over the country to see these two !






 Some buddies from New York 🙂







Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day, Kristy and Matt!

Church: Avalon Methodist Church

Reception: Cheehaw Park

Wedding Gown: New Image Thomasville

Hair: Roger Carlton

Florist: Flower Gazebo

Cake Yummificator: Edie McDaniel

Caterer: Southern Elegance Catering

DJ: Jaxon Riley