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We are always happy to travel to your chosen destination. Charges for travel outside our normal area are added to your package price. All Wedding Photography Packages include travel within a 60-mile radius of Thomasville, GA or Savannah, GA. Outside of the 60-mile radius we charge 58 cents per mile. For weddings more than two hours away from Thomasville or Savannah, the client is responsible for all travel costs including lodging for the night before and the night of the wedding depending on the start and end of photography for the day.

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Contact us for available dates. Please note that free Saturdays during wedding season are rare, so we may have to do the session on a weekday evening or a Sunday. We usually begin shooting 2 hours before sunset (3 if we are shooting in an urban location) we will set you up with your online client area, where you can sign your model release and pay for your session. Your session is not booked until it is paid for.

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during your session

Before we start, I will take a look at the clothing choices and we will talk about any second locations.
If I ask you to step away during the session, please don’t be offended. I do this with all parents of children three and older. Some children feel the need to put their cheesey grins on and perform in front of their parents. The phrases “smile now” , “get that hair out of your face”, and “is that chocolate on your shirt?!” are not permitted.
For babies and toddlers, I may ask you to get directly over my shoulder and sing a song or do a dance. You should have a little diddy prepared, so that I am as entertained as the subject.
I don’t want you to smile directly at me in every photo. I want you to love on your loves!!
Let your child play for a minute and be imaginative. He or she doesn’t need to be posed the whole time.
If your child is behaving in a way that you do not love, wait until after the session to tell them. If you yell at them during the session, there is a slim chance of us getting any genuine smiles afterwards. It also puts a negative feeling on sessions with me. I want experiences with me to be fun!
Sometimes, I talk a lot and shoot very little. This is not because I’m not getting any good shots..it is because i am trying to make a connection. Sometimes, I walk around my subject to see how the light looks from different angles. If you bring special things (balloons or favorite toys) hide them until we need them so that the element of excitement and surprise is there. I usually save the best props for last.

It takes 2-4 weeks to edit your session.

Your photos will be in an online gallery for a week to order from. Each additional week it is published will be $40 per week. After your online ordering period, your photos will go into an archived state. There will be a $100 retrieval fee for re-uploading them for ordering.

Prints usually take about a week to get to you and are usually drop-shipped directly to you.
Canvases, box sets, brag-books and standouts usually take about two weeks to get to you and are usually drop-shipped directly to you.
Albums and framed prints take 4-6 weeks to get to you. Because of the custom nature, we like to check them for quality. We do not ship those directly to you. The albums can be shipped for an additional fee. The framed prints are available for local pickup only.

after the session

How do I prepare for the session? what do I wear? 

Cute clothing and accessories are great! If you have a location that is personal to you, that is fantastic ! Quilts and blankets are good, but keep other props to a minimum. Make sure props represent your family (child's favorite ragged stuffed animal, heirloom items or your dog) vs. props that are trends (picture frames, suitcases, giant letters, etc.) . Make sure everyone has a full belly and feels good. If kids don’t feel well, please reschedule. Make sure boogers and fruit juice mustaches are wiped away. Talk to the kids and let them know that you are excited and that they should be too. If dad says "Let's just get this over with", the kids are going to feel the same way.

One or two outfits for families. One to three for kids. Layers if it is cold. We love color, so don’t be afraid of it. Wear something that coordinates, but does not match perfectly. No one goes out matching with their parents (I mean I had this really cool reindeer sweater that my mom had a version of too and we matched-but that was in the 80's) . If you do match your kids, we just aren’t the right photographers for you. Keep the outfit simple and use accessories (hats, scarves, etc.) to compliment the look. gap, children’s place, jcrew, garnet hill, abercrombie, boden kids, modcloth, zozobugbaby, and anthropologie are all great places to shop. Etsy is a great place to find accessories!

We like everyone to show off their personality. If you need suggestions on clothes, let us know. We can also suggest personal stylists for you! [Here is our pinterest page for help.] Or, bring a few things and we will help you choose!

If you have ideas, tell us!