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Newborn Sessions: Our newborn sessions are lifestyle sessions are very simple. This session is meant to capture your first days with your new wee one. We like to focus on the simple sweetness of the baby and not focus on props. We do not bring props or spend much time posing your baby. (See examples in the galleries) We know some great photographers who do props if that’s what you want in newborn photos! 

Baby Sessions: Baby sessions are meant to capture the new and exciting things your baby has learned. They are for 3 -12 month babies. Recommended when your baby reaches a milestone (ie. lays on stomach with head up, laughs, plays with feet, sits up, pulls up, walks, etc) not by month.

Take a look to make sure we fit your style and personality.

maternity: how to prepare for a session

Maternity sessions are usually shot somewhere between the time you are showing really well and the time you can’t move well. hah! Okay, we say between 30-35 weeks depending on how much you are showing. Earlier, if you are having twins! Cute clothing and accessories are great! Wear something that is comfortable but will show off your bump. Maxi dresses tend to work really well. We like everyone to show off their personality. If you need suggestions on clothes, let us know. If you are having your family in these, you may want to check out the family photos preparation section too! 2-3 outfits if it’s just you; 1 or 2 if it’s your whole family. If you have a location that is personal to you, that is also good! Quilts and blankets are good. If you have ideas, tell us!

newborns: tips for a great session

The best time to photograph newborns is between days 5-8. After two weeks, they like to stretch, and it is harder to get sweet still shots. We usually shoot at your house, because it is usually easier for you. For the most part, we like to photograph babies in little to no clothes or wrapped. Not too many accessories or clothes that may date the photo. What you should have ready: Scarves or wraps . Blankets, quilts, or throws (nothing that you mind getting soiled). Baby wipes, diapers, a couple of towels, food/bottle, and of course patience. Also, diaper covers are great! Please feed your baby before we arrive or while we are setting up. Babies are more calm with a full tummy. It may help the squirm factor if you go ahead and take off or loosen the diaper before you feed them, so they can be adjusting to the nakedness. Babies like it warm. Turn up the heat at your house or turn the a.c. off.

It takes 2-4 weeks to edit your session.

Your photos will be in an online gallery for a week to order from. Each additional week it is published will be $40 per week. After your online ordering period, your photos will go into an archived state. There will be a $100 retrieval fee for re-uploading them for ordering.

Prints usually take about a week to get to you and are usually drop-shipped directly to you.
Canvases, box sets, brag-books and standouts usually take about two weeks to get to you and are usually drop-shipped directly to you.
Albums and framed prints take 4-6 weeks to get to you. Because of the custom nature, we like to check them for quality. We do not ship those directly to you. The albums can be shipped for an additional fee. The framed prints are available for local pickup only.

after the session

during the session

-We will probably arrive a few minutes early to take a look at your blankets, scarves, quilts, etc. We will also use this time to find good light in your house. Please don’t be offended if we ask to look around. We like to shoot near a nicely lit window. We will also set up during this time. Please make sure your baby has a full tummy.
-We realize this baby is new and you are tired. Stop apologizing for your house not being perfect! If we need clutter moved, we will move it. If you need me to send you photos of my house to make you feel less dirty, I will . Trust me - kids make your house dirty even when they are less than a week old. It happens. 
-We would LOVE for you to be in some photos, even if you don't feel like you look your best. You will cherish the photos later down the road and it is worth it- we promise. 
-I will ask you to hold the baby while I position his or her arms and legs before we set him or her down. I may ask to wrap the baby. Baby photography is different than any other photography in that it is a lot of waiting. Please be patient with both myself and your baby.
-If your baby gets too fussy, it is time for a break and maybe a feeding. Please allow extra time for this. 
-Your baby might poop, pee, or spit up on blankets. I promise it’s ok.


We are always happy to travel to your chosen destination. Charges for travel outside our normal area are added to your package price. All Wedding Photography Packages include travel within a 60-mile radius of Thomasville, GA or Savannah, GA. Outside of the 60-mile radius we charge 58 cents per mile. For weddings more than two hours away from Thomasville or Savannah, the client is responsible for all travel costs including lodging for the night before and the night of the wedding depending on the start and end of photography for the day.

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Contact us for available dates. Please note that free Saturdays during wedding season are rare, so we may have to do the session on a weekday evening or a Sunday. We usually begin shooting 2 hours before sunset (3 if we are shooting in an urban location) we will set you up with your online client area, where you can sign your model release and pay for your session. Your session is not booked until it is paid for.

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