Wendy + Will :: Valdosta, GA Wedding Photographer ::

Hey everyone! Molly here!

Last month, we photographed Wendy and Will’s wedding at High Grove Farm in Valdosta. I had no clue that place existed, but I loved it! It had the perfect bridal cottage and lots of great places for photos. Plus, Wendy did an awesome job decorating. We already knew Wendy and Will worked well together, so we were excited about their wedding. These two were married the day after their 8 year dating anniversary, and everything looked beautiful!

Here are our favorites…

Cristina creepin’ in the shower at the bridal cabin.





Time for a sweet first sight.





This horse was wayyy into Wendy.. or maybe Will.

He kept bowing to them like they were something special :).

















We were already aware of Will’s ninja skills, so we thought we’d put them to good use. hahaha!

















Wendy’s MOM catered the wedding.( You read right.) And it was SO good.