Peace. Love. Joy. 2011 RedFlyDay Special


Ho Ho Ho y’all!  Molly here!

It’s that time of year again.. Time to make pumpkin pies and unidentifiable casseroles. Time to fall asleep while watching football games. Time to curse at a stranger because holiday traffic is terrible.  Oh, yeah! And time to hug the ones you love.  In the midst of all the holiday craziness, Cristina and I want to wish you peaceful, joyous season that is full of love.

I know I was sleeping while you were all out shopping. I totally missed black Friday. I’m also kind of a Christmas shopper procrastinator. Oh, you are too? Good to hear!

Ok, so we have three good deals today!

1. Purchase a gift certificate from noon Dec 2 to noon Dec 3rd, and we will extend our fall special to you through August. Details below.

2.If you didn’t really want to spend that much, we are still doing regular gift certificates. But Purchase a gift certificate from noon Dec 2 to noon Dec 3rd, and get 20% off! We have 3 choices. Pay $25, get a $30 gift certificate.  Pay $50, get a $60 gift certificate. Pay $100, get a $120 gift certificate.  Good for any regularly priced sessionOR print orders on new sessions within the 7 day online gallery viewing time. A gallery will not be re-published for certificate use. Can be used towards weddings.  No refunds. Can use multiple gift certificates for your session.

3. Purchase the dvd of photos from your 2011 session, noon Dec. 2nd to noon Dec. 3rd, and there is no print minimum. ($250) You may use print credits towards dvd purchase. No galleries will be republished.

If you are interested, Contact us here: { click here, if you’re an elf }

 See examples of color corrected vs. fully edited at the bottom..



Ok, Color corrected vs. Fully edited.  Just a little more work. And by a little, I mean a lot.  Skin smoothing/ pimple reduction/ shadow & highlight correction (all done if necessary in the full edit).

Audra here didn’t need much help in the skin section…but well…if that was a picture of me? yowza.