Natalie :: Tallahassee, FL Senior ::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

I love photographing seniors.  I feel like I’m still young enough to relate to them, but old enough to be comfortable with the level of geek that I am (you know you’re a nerd when you use the word geek). Seniors are usually fashionable, bubbly, and fun. And I usually end up getting a hug at the end of the session. And we’ve had such awesome seniors this year. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

Natalie was no different.  We had already been rained out of a session two times, so when we arrived and there was a giant rain cloud looming I was about to pitch a fit.  She and her mom didn’t seem to mind, and it ended up being beautiful weather.  Natalie said something to the effect that she wasn’t used to being photographed. Soon, I was wondering if she hadn’t been a model in her past life.  Here are my favs!