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Hey everyone! Molly here!
Cristina photographed the E fam and tiny Macy Claire several months ago. It was around the same time that we swore we would never do another baby session. 🙂

First, I’ll talk some businessy stuff – The E Fam doesn’t mind; they’re cool – then I’ll get back to baby Macy Claire.

You see, I had my baby in January. I had always dreamed of doing newborn photos of my baby, and so, when she was a week old I got my camera, my space heater, my bean bag, my props and scarves and wraps, my backdrop stand, and about 7 different backdrops and I did photos of my own sweet love. Y’all, it was HARD. Not only was crawling around trying to get out of your own light while “shhh”ing a baby difficult, but trying to keep that cute headband on her while propping her…. you get the idea. Well, at the end of the session, I layed her down and just let her lay and snapped away and THOSE are my favorite photos. I mean the others are cute- she’s a baby and she’s mine (which is a GREAT combo for cuteness) – but the ones at the end were so natural.

So I told Cristina that I didn’t want to do babies anymore- like ever. I don’t like posing them in awkward positions and just when they get comfy, you move them. I’m not good at it. She agreed, and backed me 100%. We were looking for something more candid and intimite. We wanted to photograph connections and moments in time and tiny little people… not tiny little people on really cool props where the concept of the photo and the props are first and the baby is secondary. And here, in South Georgia, well.. people want the props. So we decided to not do them. And then we got like 5 inquiries for babies. We told them we weren’t doing it anymore. We were stubborn – maybe even rude. We sent them the names of our favorite newborn photographers who use props. A few still wanted us, so we obliged. Showed up with a camera in hand – not the 500 items that I normally had to bring for newborn shoots- and shot. Actually, Cristina shot this one. I shot the next one I’ll blog.

So here we are, photographing newborns again, but this time on our terms. We stay a while and interact. It’s casual. If the mom and dad (and siblings or pets) want to be in them, that is GREAT. We want that. Again, we love connection. But I understand how difficult it is to find time to shower, dress, and put makeup on after having one of these tiny ,screaming, sleepless, hungry with barbed-wire-for-gums, beautiful little creatures. You won’t regret getting dressed for these photos. You may even look as good as Mrs. E , here in these photos. If you don’t want to be in them, that is fine too.

Sigh.. all of this to say that we are accepting newborns again. We even have new pricing, packages, and products to accomodate these sessions. We just do them as a lifestyle session, which makes us happy and not nervous !!! If you do want the prop-type session, I know 3 really good baby photographers in the area. They specialize in newborns, which means they shoot them all the time. This means they are skilled in posing them in cute poses and safety and composites. Most of them even have sponsors for props. It’s a whole different ballgame than our kind of photography, and most people don’t even know that.

Whooo. I’m out of blog breath . Macy Claire’s cuteness kind of speaks for itself anyway, so thanks E family for making us stick it out and get back to babies 🙂 .











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