Lindsay + Curt :: Albany, GA Wedding Photographer ::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

Last month, we went to Albany for Lindsay and Curt’s backyard wedding. I was so excited for them and for their day.  I was telling my husband that this was our favorite kind of wedding (backyard/intimate) , and I ended by saying “but I just hope it doesn’t rain”.. I think I jinxed it.  These are two of the nicest people ever, so they needed sunshine! Well, they didn’t get much on their wedding day.  They were very calm about it though, which I was SO glad about.  At the end of the day, the results were the same as if it had been sunny: they were happily married, and they partied with their closest friends and family.

Here are some of our favorites:


 Lindsay has the prettiest eyes!




 Yay! It was clear enough for us to get some portraits of Curt outside.





 Then, just as the rain started,  it was wedding time!


Love this shot. It is so sweet, and it’s how I think every groom should feel.


During the prayer, I moved to the back of the tent, drying my lens with my skirt. Then, I realized I was leaning against a pole that had FREEZING cold water running down it onto my back.  No one seemed to notice me shivering except for this little one.


It was a very peaceful and calm ceremony. The rain on the tent made me want to nap, and I loved that you could see droplets between the tent and the porch.




Lindsay’s brother, the man of honor, had to wring her veil out for her!  haha!








Then, it was on to the Marine Base for the reception.  Side story… I used to have wedding photography nightmares at the beginning of each season. They consisted of me running my memory cards over, forgetting my camera, me getting lost and being late to the wedding, etc.

 Well, we got lost on the Marine base (it’s obvious that I can’t follow directions and will never be Marine material).  On top of that, we actually led a guest astray when they were told to follow us (Marine must have not known that we were not Marine material).  We literally wondered around the extremely empty/ no-one-to-be-seen base for 10 minutes before I started getting that “Oh s#@%”  wedding nightmare feeling that we were going to miss the first dance. I called the bride, the groom, the bride’s mom, and a guest that we went to high school with.   Just as I was entering my panic attack mode, Lindsay called and said they were at the front gate and would we follow them up.  WOULD WE?!  We found our way to the front gate just in time for them to come around the corner.

I sometimes have a hard time giving things to God to take care of, and I should know He’d handle it.  Anyway,  we made it for the first dance and no one knew we were lost (except for that one guest, who found his own way..and well.. all of you now).













Hair: Ann Tomlinson

Makeup: Jessica Bowen

Florist : Darrell Humphries

Cake Yummificator : Eydie McDaniel

Caterer: Marine Corps Logistics Base

Band: Wysteria