Jessie , the artist ::Part 1::

So, all during college Cristina and I called this girl (who was in a lot of our classes) “Jess”.  Three years after college, I find out she prefers to be called “Jessie”.  Hmmmph. Whoodaknown?  She has helped me out with a lot of projects and ideas when we were in school, so I was happy to help her out with one…photos for her new website.

Last year, we photographed her at some green houses near Atlanta. This year we photographed her in a small town near-ish Adel. I love JessIE’s style. I wish she would take me shopping and show me what to wear. She knows how to layer. That is something I am NOT good at. What else is she good at? Making art!  She has always been a super talented illustrator. I wish I had her skills.

Here is her new website:

This shot took several tries, but I think C nailed it (and managed to not get the dead cat in the shot).

This is one that I wasn’t thrilled with when I shot it, but once I saw it on screen I LOVED it.

The two below are sneak peaks of what you will see later on in the week / early next week on part 2!