Jayna + Tanner :: Barwick , GA Photographer ::

Hey everyone! Molly here!

A few weeks ago, we photographed Jayna and Tanner in the small town of Barwick. My first thought was “where the heck am I?”, and then I stumbled upon it.  Barwick. A cute little town, with a whole lot more places to shoot than I thought there would be :).

We started out at the community center, where Jayna’s parents were married.  We spotted a photo/plaque on the wall with her grandfather or great grandfather on it, who helped build the community center.  “That’s Barwick!” explained Jayna, whose dad was born in the hospital there and “just never left”. We loved that about Jayna. Her sense on family was super apparent, and I love it when people have strong roots.  Tanner was up for anything.  He told us about some places they had found, and was really excited. We love when you can tell a guy honestly cares, not just about his girl, but about the way the photos will turn out.  These two were so sweet and bubbly.  It made the attack of the mosquitos super worth it :).

Here are some of our favorites.  I hope you enjoy these as much as we did !







































This was the last place we went. It was SO cool, but it was almost completely dark by the time we got there.  I’m sure we could make a whole other session just at this location.