Janette + Rafael :: St. George Island Wedding Photographer ::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

Last month, we photographed Janette and Rafa’s beautiful St. George Island Wedding.  You may remember them from their engagement session earlier this year.  We absolutely love these two.  When we first met them, and Rafa told us he was from Venezuela, we asked him how long he had been in the U.S.  I figured he had lived here all of his life, because his English was much better than…well.. most Americans I know.  He didn’t even really have an accent.  Anyway, when he told us he had only been here for 5 (or 7, i can’t remember) years, I was shocked!  I love how much Janette laughs at him.  These two are the real thing.  The kind of couple that you never even once question if they should be getting married or not . It’s crazy how cute they are together.

These are our favorite kinds of weddings. Small, intimate, and …oh, on the beach :).  Something about getting up at 5:15am makes it okay if you have sand between the toes and a sweet family around.  There were a lot of laughs and quite a bit of tears. I was sure glad I had my camera to hide behind.  I was a mess.

Venue: Beach & Tamara’s Cafe

Planner/ Coordinator/ Flowers: Bayside Weddings & Events

Cake: Rhonda Tull Cakes


Oh!  Rafa’s mom and brother flew up from Venezuela (and spoke just a little English) and the rest of the guests came from all over the U.S.  , so when Janette’s brother married these two, he did the ceremony in both English and Spanish . LOVE IT!

















Their family toasted them on the beach!

























 Everyone had a chance to chill out for a minute before we all headed to Tamara’s Cafe for some delicious food.



Tamara’s Cafe. Apalachicola , FL .










After some great food and a few more toasts and sweet words, Janette and Rafa thanked their families for being there. Again, they did this in Spanish and in English.  This is the part that made me tear up. Are you ready? You have a Kleenex handy? ‘Cause I’m going to tell you what he said that made me cry.  He told his mom ‘thank you’ for letting him come to America , because if she hadn’t he never would have found Janette who is part of his American dream.  SEE?! You teared up didn’t you.  Yeah.. me too.




 Really, I wanted to take these two cuties home with me. It was cuteness overload.









Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day!