Jamie + Lance :: Lake Park , GA Portrait Photographer ::

Hey Everyone! Molly here!

I’m gonna make this short tonight, ’cause I’m bout to go on a dinner date with Cristina to Smok’n Pig. I feel like I might be too miserable to type afterwards. Also, today is Jamie’s first day of Vet school, so I thought this might make her day a little better.  I loved Jamie and Lance. First off, you could tell Lance didn’t mind being there. He wasn’t in a hurry..he just wanted to love on his lady.  Second, I loved editing this session because it made me smile. They giggled almost the whole time, and made life oh-so-easy on that rainy day.  Their session went like this Giggle. Serious face. Giggle. Forehead action. Kiss. Kiss. Giggle. Repeat.  <see why I liked it?!

K, on to the photos!