Happy New Year!!

::cue music::
“Should old acquaintances be forgotten, and never brought to mind?”
– Heck no. We like our new friends/ old acquaintances.. They are our brides and grooms of 2009, and they make Red Fly Studio what we are and why we love doing what we do.

So thank you Rachel , A.J., Alyssa, Jason, Melissa, Chris, Katherine, Taylor, Emily, Micah, April, Luke, Stephanie, Christopher, Sarah, Waylon, Kay, Doug, Teri, Chad, Rachel, Grant, Ashley, Shawn, Sarah, Matt, Katie, Clay, Crystal, Tripp, Natasha, Alex, Sam, Brian, Brooke, Matt, Britney, Ross, Mischa, Zane, Abby, Aaron, Kelly, Adrian, Sarah, Clint, Laila, Hector, Brittney, Al, Shannon, Jamie, Candace, Jerry, Jenn, Eric, Jordan, Jacob, Jenn, Anthony, Jessie, Brandon, Amanda and Alan for making 2009 as awesome as it was!

Thank you to our portrait clients for 2009 also. You guys are so great! I’m not going to attempt to name all of you, because I would leave someone out. (but thank you)

Next year, we have some splendid weddings booked that we are super excited about. We are looking forward to better organization, faster blog posts (2 weeks) , smaller blog posts that load faster, speedier editing, new toys, hugs, laughs..and chocolate. Oh, and maybe this year we MIGHT actually finish our studio. =D

Oh, but back to our brides and grooms. Here they are..for 2009…