Gift Cards, Winners, and what-not…

Hey there! Molly here!
So, last week, we held a contest for all of our facebook fans for a free mini-session.  If you didn’t participate this time around, go “like” our page so that you will know about it next time, silly.

Here is how it worked. You guys posted a status saying that you wanted a free mini-session from us and had to tag us to let us know it was there.  We did a search too, to make sure we didn’t miss anyone.  If you didn’t win, you can still sign up for the mini-sessions! We still have  a few spots left ! Learn more here !

After you posted, I wrote down your names, cut up the paper, put it in the “Super Official Cup of Name Drawage”,  it was inspected by a non-partisan judge, then I drew a name.  The whole thing was EXTREMELY dramatic.  🙂  And I’m happy to announce the winner is Audrea Storey !! WOOOHOOO! Call or email us to set up your appointment!

In other news, my mom and uncles were going through my nana’s things at her house. They found this and showed it to me, and I fell in love with it.  It was a photo album that my granddad had filled with photos from when he was around my age.  :). It was like Christmas.  Anyway, I ordered some to put around the house.  I’m waiting on my husband to hang them :/  .

In other, other, news, we ARE doing gift certificates again this year.  Our most popular ones are of course the ones for one photographer session and our two-photog. session.   You can add other things to the certificates  (print credits, canvases, exciting things, etc ) but you must call or email, pay by check or phone.  OH! THESE CAN GO TOWARDS SOMEONE’S WEDDING PACKAGE  (WHO HAS ALREADY BOOKED, OBVIOUSLY).

You can Quick-buy here..Then choose which design you want, and let us help you with Christmas shopping.

Option 1:

– 2 photographers, 1-2 hour shoot, multiple outfit changes, 40-60 images in an online gallery for 3 months, and a $50 print credit.   $300

Option 2:

– 1 photographers, 1-2 hour shoot, multiple outfit changes, and  20-30 images in an online gallery for 3 months.   $150


Then choose one!