Ca-price :: Behind Red Fly Studio ::

Hey everyone! Molly here!

I want to do a little introduction time here since wedding season is over and I only have TWO more weddings to edit before I’m totally caught up. I’ll do an intro for those who may not know Cristina and I later, but I’d like to start with someone who is a little bit behind the scenes at our company. The cream to our oreo sandwich if you will. The peanut butter to our sandwich. Basically she hold us together and tastes delicious ( kidding- it was a food reference. never mind) .

Caprice is our assistant on wedding days. In 2012 we photographed 39 weddings and I was SUPER pregnant for most of them . Having had a miscarriage before, I was a little overly cautious on hauling heavy bags. Also, my back hurt all the time. So we hired Caprice to come with us. She was an art student, a furniture designer, a ceramicist , and a dog lover. She carried our bags, and ran to get people and provided water to overheated mamas of brides. She’s even held babies and dogs and a drunk groomsman up a time or two. Over time, our relationship has evolved and now she has gotten tangles out of my hair, been there when my kid was born, covered me up when I had to breast pump in the back seat during weddings, found my phone and my keys NUMEROUS TIMES, brought me food when I didn’t even know I needed to eat, been my sounding board for all things weird and the list goes on and on.

If you’ve met Caprice , you’ll know that she knows what you need before you even need it. There are so many times that I will turn around and ask her to do something for me only to find her holding the thing I need. She’s also WAY cooler than Cristina or I, and I can always trust her to chime in for a good “that’s what she said” joke.

Anyway, we LOVE us some Caprice, and if you ever see her make sure you tell her how her name is unique- Ask her if she was conceived in a Caprice- Ask her if her kid will be named Caprice-son. I promise you won’t get judo chopped. Or maybe just give her a high five.

Thank you for being a friend (traveled down the road and back again) !