Bailey + Josh :: Eatonton, GA Wedding Photographer ::

Hello everyone! Molly here!

Good news.. tomorrow starts my vacation! WOOOOHOOOOO!! I will be chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool (thanks, Will Smith for those inspired words) on the beach with my love.  I love what I do, but I need a break before I get burned out and don’t love it so much any more.  Plus, this week is our 4th anniversary.  Let me hear your collective “AWWWW”.  Actually, C is on vacation too! They are in the mountains doing …nature things. Ummm. I mean camping. On to Bailey and Josh, or should I say ” err mer gerd, Berrrley and Jerrrsh”.

All year, Cristina has been telling me “I can’t wait until Bailey’s wedding.” I didn’t understand. I mean, I knew they had dancing skills from Caroline and Josh’s wedding last year, but I had not been keeping up with all of the details.  This wedding was SO Cristina-y it’s not even funny.  I loved it.  These two were silly and laughed a lot, which made the ridiculous heat bearable. Cristina tried to blame the heat on the fact that there were more cows in Eatonton, therefore more methane, therefore more heat. Really, she tried to pull that.

Bailey and Josh’s families worked really hard to put together this frontyard wedding. We loved all of the DIY details. Here are some of our favs!

Dress: Allure

Hair: Tangles

Florist: Designs by Kent

Cake: Publix

Caterer: Hallie Jane’s Catering

DJ: Keith Barger

Videographer : Sara McConnell


You know you’re going to marry a manly man, when he uses a pocket knife to remove tags from his suit and a saddle (?) mirror to fix his tie.


First sight loveliness!



 My fav..























 I couldn’t decide which one of the following I liked more.. so you get both…



 I loved Bailey and Josh’s kid parade that happened right before she walked down the aisle. Lots and lots of cuties with noise makers to announce the arrival of the bride.







 I thought that one of Bailey’s sis with tears streaming is so so sweet.








 It was also Bailey’s sister’s birthday! How fun!