Audra , Jojo, and Tacie

Hey Everyone! Molly here!  Ahhhhh. I’m back from a glorious and MUCH needed vaca.  The only bad thing about vacations is that they always end too soon, and you come home to a pile of work. Luckily, Audra and Jojo aren’t so much work as they are play.  C and I went to college with Audra, and I always thought she was funny..but beyond school, we really didn’t hang out much. I don’t know why. I was all into sleep over social activities back then.  Anyway, Audra and Jojo were married on the same day and my husband and I… 6-7-08.. and guess when they’re due?!  9-10-11.  WHAT?! I’m still so ticked that I didn’t think about that.  Well, you know, ’cause I’m sure they planned it that way :).   Anyway, so they’re about to have a chicklet..not the gum…a baby girl.. named Tacie.

Audra contacted me a few months ago about doing the session, and I was greatly excited…at first.  And then she told me she wanted it to be Ke$ha themed.  And I was greatly disappointed.  I don’t like Ke$ha or her music all. In fact, I know for a fact that I can “rap” better than her.   Ok, ok.. so then I was all “Are you SURE?!”  and she was all “Yep!”  But she elaborated..glitter and paint.. not so much.. you know..alcohol and toothbrushes and p.diddy (although Jojo came close to being p.diddy).  How fun! Then I got excited again.

This has been one of my favorite sessions this year!  I didn’t expect it to be.  It was a maternity session (are you ready for me to get on my soapbox?) , and I know that most women hate photos of themselves while 8 months pregnant.  They only do it because they think it is necessary (which IT IS), and 99.9% of the time, they never buy any prints or anything from it…so it’s kind of pointless for them to have sat for me.  Why spend the time on a shoot if all you’re going to do is rip the images off the blog until you lose them in two years?  Sigh.. so basically, I’ve never been pregnant, so all I have is an opinionated photographer’s viewpoint.  DISCLAIMER:  C  IS GOING TO KILL ME FOR WRITING THE ABOVE PARAGRAPH. SHE LOVES SHOOTING MATERNITY PORTRAITS, AND HAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VIEW THAN ME.

I knew Audra wasn’t going to be the typical maternity session. She’s a photog too, so I knew she had some great ideas (See her site here) .  I knew it wasn’t going to be boring, but I didn’t know it was going to be fantastically fun either!  It started off a little slow.. “No, not this stump…Oh no, there are too many ants… I probably shouldn’t have her climb on a rock…Why is he biting her? ..” etc.  Soon enough, we got used to each other and together I think we got some great first photos of these three as a family.






Jojo had some model moves he needed to get out of his system.


More Jojo craziness..


Blue-steel / confusion.


And then, it was time for a Ke$ha themed paint/ glitter/ smoke war. Note the determination…


Cristina busted out the light stand and pws.  LOVE…


That Tacie kid, she’s gonna have some blue eyes and freckles 🙂



As hard as it is to believe, the above photo and the below photo were taken within seconds of each other. I was workin’ the natural light and C was on off camera flashes.  We are primarily natural light photogs, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE what C did and I’m so glad she wanted to play around with off cameras… I was having to shoot on an iso of 640 and f:/1.4.


One of my favs!


Maybe my fav fav 🙂


We had so much fun with you three!  It was nice getting to know Jojo and your friends!!