Well, well, well… You are to the final step of this coffee-table-enhancing adventure. Congratulations.  Now all you have to do is approve your book.

Note:  This process seems more adventurous, if you follow these directions in your robe while sipping scotch in an amber colored glass while wearing your sunglasses indoors…because this album is too beautiful to be viewed any other way.


“Great.. Now I need some scotch…and….How in the heck do approve my album?!” you ask?  It’s pretty simple:


1. Login to our ordering cart. If you have ordered photos from here, your email address is already registered.  If not, I have sent you an email with login instructions.

(This step doesn’t need a picture)

2. So, you’re logged in , right?  Good.  Now on the right hand side, under “My Account” click “Review My Proofs” .  Enter your album.

3. You will see a lot of thumbnails that say “Please Review”. This is simply asking you to review them , please.  So, start at the beginning and click on the first one.  The first page will be a single page, the rest will be spreads (the pages that will face each other).

4. Click on the image if you need to see it bigger. Click it again to exit the large image.  If the file meets your approval, click “Approve”. If you would like to request a revision of the file, enter a reason why in the comment box and click “Revise”.

(Examples of revision requests: – I like it, but I would rather use IMG_0789 instead of the one of me on that pony  OR  can you make the photo of me doing a handstand into black and white? OR  I would like the one of me and my husband doing the stankey leg made into a square.. etc)

Then, move on to the next one.



5. CHECK TO MAKE SURE WE INCLUDED ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE PHOTOS AND … Make sure all of the files are either “Approve” or “Revise”

6. Once you have reviewed all files and selected Approve or Revise, click the submit link above to let us know you have finished reviewing the project.

7. Wait for us to redo your revisions, and then log back in.

(This step doesn’t need a picture, either.)

8. You can view the original files next to the new ones, and once you approve, hit “Approve”.  If you don’t, we will revise it again :).

9. Click the submit button again.

(I have already showed you a picture of the submit button.)

10. Wait….. and then?  LOVE your album, but please don’t spill coffee on it.

(This love is too intense for a photo.)