Photographing all of the coolest folks in Savannah, Ga and Thomasville, GA , but we’re up for going anywhere!

Red Fly Studio is a creative collaboration between artists, Cristina Bearden and Molly Wallis. Photography is our passion. No person, family, or wedding is ever the same and we strive to show that through our images.  Every session is an adventure with us, so please be prepared for all things unusual and exciting.

If you want boring, we are not the photographers for you.

We shoot in a modern and photojournalistic styles. Getting ready, ceremony, and receptions are more photojournalistic . Portraits are modern “suggested” poses. Take a look at our post processing and make sure you like our artistic touch before you book us !

Thanks Again,

Molly and Cristina

About Cristina:

  •  Loves adventure and travel.
  •  Loves her husband, 2 cats, and dog (sometimes).
  •  Loves to try new and weird foods, but her favorite thing is coffee.
  •  Will do anything for friends and family.
  •  She’s half Puerto Rican and half Scottish .

About Molly:

  • I love my husband, and my babies (Fin & Liam) very very much. I also have an anxious, overweight cat and a very mischievous dog. My husband and I met in elementary school and are high school sweethearts.
  • I’m way more outspoken than Cristina. Maybe too blunt sometimes. As long as Cristina keeps me fed, I’m super nice though.
  • I adore the beach, the water, flip flops, sand, and hot weather.
  • I have 3 chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk *almost* every night.
  • I like studying family traits, history of photography, and psychology .

How did Red Fly come about?

We met in college in a medium and large format film class. We also had a color film class together that semester, and we discovered that we were the only two with “229” area codes. Cristina was REALLY shy back then, and I was overly opinionated – especially on critique day ( but really, why go to photography school if you’re just going to take photos of crap laying around your apartment? Am I right?! ). I always loved Cristina’s photos because they always told a story, they had nice romantic light, and you could tell she actually tried.  I was already shooting weddings, but I needed someone to shoot my own. I asked Cristina to shoot my wedding and I took her on several weddings to show her the ropes. It turned out that Cristina ended up showing me a thing or two, and we ended up being really great partners. Cristina shot my wedding, and I shot her wedding. Soon, we were having a lot of bookings but no business entity so we registered the name Red Fly Studio late one night. We literally threw out different nouns and adjectives that might could make a cool logo. There’s no fun story behind the name 🙁 .  We didn’t want our names because we were about to be married. We didn’t want “captured or memories or moments” or anything cheesy in the name…So we went with random . And that’s how Red Fly was born !